IPM stands for International Precious Metals. We are a team of metallurgists, chemists, engineers, miners, process designers, and traders worldwide.

IPM Ltd has over 250 years of rich experience in the precious metals industry. Our team at IPM Ltd is committed to delivering precious metals from their earth ores to the surface. We are also committed to delivering these precious metals to the cloud with the introduction of the IPMB digital coin. We care about the environment at IPM Ltd, and that’s why all our work here is environmentally safe.



CEO and Founder – IPM Ltd

John is a company entrepreneur and has traded gold for multinational banks for 25 years. He’s worked in mines, mining processes, logistics, and bullion dealing. Sovereign Funds and Multinationals have noticed his value-creating ability. He supplies metal to global refineries and advises on precious metal recovery, solving supply chain problems on all continents.


Director and Co-Founder – IPM Ltd

Mihai has over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience. He started his career with close protection security and quickly progressed to advising governments / corporates on international security and cyber solutions. During his career, Mihai has developed a formidable network or HNW / UHNW individuals and governments and has assisted in developing relationships between multinational companies and governments within Europe, UK and the Middle East. Mihai’s vast experience and network will ensure that IPMB is introduced at government level across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Head of Investment Strategy and Co-Founder – IPM Ltd

Scott graduated from Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, in 1994 as valedictorian with a BA in Economics. In 1994, he joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) in New York in the institutional separate account marketing area, focusing on equity and global tactical asset allocation strategies. He transferred to the London office of GSAM in 1996 and became a member of the European equity team as a research analyst covering technology securities. Subsequently, he was involved in the start-up and management of two long/short European equity hedge funds which both managed assets of over $1 billion. He joined Adelphi Capital Limited at its inception in September 1997 as a research analyst/portfolio manager, assisting in the management of Adelphi funds. In September 2001, he left Adelphi Capital to establish Gradient Capital Partners LLP as co-founder/managing partner, running the business and Gradient funds for two decades and then converting to the management of internal capital as a family office.


Head of Commercial – IPM Ltd

Mark’s background was originally in civil engineering, construction, and property development which then led on to land acquisition. This industry allowed Mark to meet and consult with many varied influential individuals over the years which in turn allowed him to pursue his true passion of networking in trade and commerce activities spanning the globe. Working with and alongside high net worth individuals and institutions, and with such abilities in his communication skills and experience he has also been successful in structuring highly profitable local and international trades with limitless possibilities for the future.


Head of Compliance – IPM Ltd

Chrissie holds a Bachelor of Laws – LL.B (Hons) and a Masters (LL.M) in e-commerce and holds 27 plus years’ experience within legal and compliance. Chrissie has a variety of skills from gaining regulatory licence approvals and back-office set up, varying permissions and compliance advisory and has assisted firms receiving Regulatory Notices, from identifying the point of issue, to enforcing regulations at all levels whilst providing guidance to the Board in all matters. Chrissie is particularly skilled in the identification, assessment, monitoring and control of compliance and risk frameworks in line with regulatory requirements and best practices.


Head of Strategy, MENA Region

Born in Saudi Arabia Mohammed has extensive business, investment and political experience around the globe. Positions ranging from Vice Consul to Los Angeles to President of Al-Hilal football club. Mohammed is also an experienced real estate investor with years of investment history and has been a digital asset and technology investor across the globe for the past decade. His experience across the MENA region, as well as across the USA, will assist IPMB to penetrate into numerous countries and place the token into the right networks with confidence.


Mickal owns her own mining operations in Namibia and manages mines in Uganda. She brings a strong network from the mining and precious metals industry and her own passion, perseverance and knowledge to the team, ensuring high quality physical metal delivery.



Damian founded Amelco Ltd. Graduating in electronic and electrical engineering Damian followed a career in developing software for the financial markets, managing real time pricing and trading on a global basis within the investment banking sector.

Damian worked both in the City of London and the USA markets harnessing and expanding his skills and knowledge. He is now a leading transaction engine designer and builder and his work is acknowledged in both sports and financial services trading. As a keen sports player and fan Damian was always drawn to the world of sports and he developed an idea he had to create an online sports betting trading platform which would encompass his passions of both trading platforms and sports. So, in 2007 Damian formed the company Amelco UK ltd with his wife and Financial director Natalie. Now a renowned engine builder for the gaming and financial industires.


With over 20 years’ experience working in the online and I gaming environment, Leon has had extensive experience in the implementation of key operational processes and procedures in numerous ground-breaking projects. Leon has wide-ranging Project Manager and People management skills having successfully managed and overseen Operations, Customer Support, Fraud, Marketing, Development, Community, Payments, Content and Technical teams within Amelco. Specialties include: Operational Management, Project Management, Product Management, Business development, Change Control, Online Gaming & Gambling, Online Poker & Skill Games; Sports Betting, Billing Systems, Content Production, Road Map Definition, QA, Customer Support. Familiar with Agile, Six Sigma, Prince 2 and Waterfall models.



Jocelyn has extremely strong credentials in innovation and consumer integration with more than 35 years in Design and Engineering. He focuses on the intersection of business design, strategy, technology and product delivery. Jocelyn’s able to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions, developing business solutions across the board.


Alex is an American entrepreneurial and financial consultant. She earned a BA in Economics & a Masters in accounting in the states. Her experience spans from public accounting, business structuring, establishing startups, corporate re-organization, and real estate – including development, investment, and advisory services. Her network includes high net worth individuals in the Americas and Asia. She will serve as Strategic Advisor and International Advisory Board member to the Company.


Roland was interim president of Geneva Agape Foundation and Founder/CEO of the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute UNGSII Foundation. He was also Founder and CEO of InnoVatio Publishing and Media Tenor International and former Senior Advisor to Michael Moller, Director General of the UN in Geneva.

For the last 30 years, he has been devoted to implementing social change. In 2008 he launched, together with Prince Ghazi of Jordan, the Grandmufti of Egypt Ali Gooma and the Bishop of London, Lord Richard Chartres, the C1 One World Dialogue foundation to improve Inter-Faith-Dialogue. Schatz teaches Perception Change and hosts masterclasses on ‘Unlearning Intolerance’ together with UN Academic Impact. Roland is a key negotiator and a solution provider to enable countries, businesses, networks to work together and integrate to mutual benefit.


With an impressive 30 years’ experience, Marcus has been the Director of the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) and MD of Investment at the World Gold Council (WGC). He’s overseen market development, the ETF programme, global marketing, and research as part of the C-suite executives and board member at several respected financial institutions such as UBS, Salomon Brothers, Rabobank and Warburg. He’s a non-executive Director and advisor for a London and Luxembourg asset management firm and two London fintech companies.


Rory matriculated as a mechanical engineer at Cambridge University, going on to read law and computer science. He qualified as a solicitor with Herbert Smith, playing professional rugby for Harlequins and England. He is the founding partner with Damian Walton in the leading financial trading and sports betting technology company Amelco UK Ltd.


Senior Trustee for a Middle Eastern Royal Family’s Technology & Security Systems. Dominic has been a senior Advisor to a Royal Family Fund network for over 20 years, overseeing their Precious Metals Holdings and digital currency. His domains are technology and the environment, having established forest harvesting, carbon capture, and photovoltaic parks in Europe and Africa, giving sustainable energy to cities and isolated locations.


Rupert has over 20 years of working in the diamond industry including serving as diamond broker with De Beers and I. Hennig & Co., gaining experience in diamond markets in Belgium, Israel and India and negotiating mineral licenses in Africa. He was a co-founder and director of Mantle Diamonds Ltd., where he raised capital for the purchase and development of the Lerala Diamond Mine in Botswana and assisted in developing government relations.

Rupert is currently appointed as an independent non-executive director to the Kimberley Diamonds Limited’s Board. The Kimberley process ensures the export and trade of all rough diamonds is compliant to abolish blood diamonds and to provide fairness for all peoples involved. Rupert will assist and provide his network and experience across Africa and globally to ensure compliant green gold sources maintain their standards and protocols.