IPMB is a cryptocurrency that allows you to participate with the benefit of the stability of physical gold without the hassle of actually owning gold bars. Gold is the only asset that is so directly linked to the holding, exchange, and preservation of value. It has been used as a secure, stable, and safe deposit of wealth for thousands of years.

Our first mission is to produce gold bars, controlling the whole process from the sourcing of gold doré from mines to the final storage of refined bars. In return, the IPMB token holders are rewarded with special promotional events at various times during every year resulting in airdrops to their accounts increasing the value of their holdings

IPMB tokens can be stored on any crypto wallet and will be tradable on different platforms.


We strongly believe in the outstanding potential of GeM/IPMB as a stable, widespread and institutional ecosystem. As an extra feature to make IPMB an attractive and widely used currency in this ecosystem, IPMB intends to maintain demand not just through utility of the token but also by providing periodical promotional air drops to its token holders.

We strongly believe in the outstanding potential of GeM/IPMB as a stable, widespread and institutional ecosystem. As an extra feature to make our coin an attractive and widely used currency in this ecosystem, IPMB Ltd intends to share part of the margin derived from its operations with IPMB holders.

In practical terms, we would periodically air drop some free coins to investors in proportion to their IPMB holding.


The company's mission is to safeguard key guarantees in the financialization of gold:

  • Token holders have direct access to the underlying asset with the security of 100% physical gold backing which is unprecedented in the cryptocurrency universe – a paramount competitive advantage

  • Elimination of management costs and counterparty risks from traditional gold products offered by financial institutions which drag on the returns relative to the underlying asset

  • Physical backing of GeMs will be free of charge for token owners, mitigating expenses related to storage, security, insurance, and auditing

  • Transaction freedom as blockchain technology certifies confidentiality, encryption, and continuous peer-to-peer transferability

  • Supply chain data on sustainability will be embedded in all blockchain smart contracts and unforgeable while eliminating friction costs of trading, meaning environmental considerations and economic factors are not mutually exclusive, thus maximizing both ESG and financial return potential

Tokenization of gold can further enhance the element's luster in the post-Bretton Woods era, elevating gold's stature even more in the 21st century and beyond:

  • GeM and IPMB tokens can become the de facto gold standard linking physical gold, cryptocurrency, and fiat currency

  • Potential to create a stable, reliable, ubiquitous ecosystem for both retail and institutional investors

  • Additional opportunities to partner with central banks and governments interested in augmenting their reserve assets with a combination of physical and virtual gold

Gold has several attributes making it exceptionally valuable throughout history:

  • Attractive in color and brightness

  • Good conductor of heat and electricity while not susceptible to tarnishing or corrosion

  • Dense and durable to the point of virtual indestructibility

  • Yet paradoxically highly malleable and ductile so versatile for expensive jewelry and decorative objects

  • Found in nature in comparatively pure form

  • Universally accepted as medium of exchange and store of value

  • Proven stability of value and hedge against both inflation and fiat currency depreciation

  • Timeless, safe-haven investment which is especially important today amid geopolitical tensions, fiscal and monetary policy uncertainty, inflationary threats, unpredictable economic cycles, and potential tail-risks from climate change

However, ownership of gold has some drawbacks:

  • Bars are heavy, bulky, and difficult to handle which restricts tradability and liquidity

  • Keeping physical gold safe requires repeated security and storage costs

  • The gold standard was a pervasive monetary system with a unit of account based on a fixed quantity of gold during the 19th and 20th centuries – until 1971 when the US unilaterally terminated convertibility of dollars to gold, effectively ending the Bretton Woods system

Why Gold?

In an unprecedented year of declines across myriad asset classes, gold’s flat return in 2022 demonstrated its inherent durability as a store of value, materially outperforming other investments.


MSCI World Equity Index


FTSE World Government Bond Index


iShares Investment-Grade Corporate Bond Index


MSCI World Real Estate Index





Central banks have a propensity to print money which in turn leads to inflation, causing fat currencies to lose their purchasing power:

In contrast, extraction of gold from the ground and supply of IPMB in the cloud are limited and inextricably linked.

Combining the economics of supply/demand with the mathematics of compounding returns over time offers a compelling, top-of-the-table investment opportunity – the new gold standard.

SecurityLast 20 Years (%)SecurityLast 10 Years (%)SecurityLast 5 Years (%)SecurityLast 3 Years (%)
Swiss Franc43.5Israeli Shekel1.7Mexican Peso2.9Mexican Peso7.2
Czech Koruna32.6UAE Dirham0.0Swiss Franc0.2Czech Koruna3.9
Israeli Shekel31.9Saudi Riyal0.0UAE Dirham0.0Australian Dollar3.5
Singapore Dollar28.8Qatari Riyal-0.6Saudi Riyal0.0Singapore Dollar3.3
Thai Baht21.4Swiss Franc-0.6Hong Kong Dollar-0.3Swiss Franc2.5
Australian Dollar10.6Hong Kong Dollar-1.2Qatari Riyal-0.3China Yuan0.3
New Zealand Dollar10.5Singapore Dollar-8.2Singapore Dollar-1.8Qatari Riyal0.1
Canadian Dollar8.8China Yuan-10.5Vietnam Dong-4.4UAE Dirham0.0
UAE Dirham0.0Czech Koruna.11.5Israeli Shekel-4.8Saudi Riyal0.0
Saudi Riyal-0.1Vietnam Dong-12.0Philippines Peso-5.9Hong Kong Dollar-0.7
Croatian Kuna-0.2Iceland Krona-12.9Canadian Dollar-6.0New Zealand Dollar-1.1
Qatari Riyal-0.5Thai Baht-15.4Czech Koruna-6.2Chilean Peso-1.1
Hong Kong Dollar-0.6South Korean Won-17.9China Yuan-9.0Canadian Dollar-1.8
Philippines Peso-1.2Croatian Kuna-18.4Indonesian Rupiah-9.8Vietnam Dong-2.3
Euro-2.1Danish Krone-18.8Thai Baht-10.6Danish Krone-3.7
Danish Krone-2.3Euro-19.0Malaysian Ringgit-12.6Euro-4.1
China Yuan-3.3British Pound-20.7British Pound-12.6Israeli Shekel-4.7
Chilean Peso-9.4Canadian Dollar-24.5Danish Krone-13.2Croatian Kuna-4.9
South Korean Won-9.8New Zealand Dollar-25.0Euro-13.3Malaysian Ringgit-6.1
Polish Zloty-11.9Philippines Peso-26.6Australian Dollar-13.3Indonesian Rupiah-6.2
Japanese Yen-13.3Polish Zloty-28.5New Zealand Dollar-14.2British Pound-6.2
Malaysian Ringgit-15.3Mexican Peso-30.2Croatian Kuna-14.2Philippines Peso-7.8
Swedish Krona-18.9Malaysian Ringgit-31.2South Korean Won-18.0Swedish Krona-8.2
British Pound-23.5Japanese Yen-32.1Swedish Krona-20.8South Korean Won-9.3
Norwegian Krone-31.1Indian Rupee-33.9Indian Rupee-21.0Norwegian Krone-9.5
Brazil Real-31.9Australian Dollar-34.1Japanese Yen-21.7Thai Baht-10.5
Vietnam Dong-35.1Indonesian Rupiah-36.7Nigeria Naira-22.1Russian Ruble-10.9
Hungarian Forint-37.2Hungarian Forint-36.9Polish Zloty-23.0Polish Zloty-11.7
Mexican Peso-39.8Swedish Krona-38.2Norwegian Krone-23.9Iceland Krona-12.0
Indonesian Rupiah-41.8Chilean Peso-42.8Russian Ruble-25.0Indian Rupee-12.3
Indian Rupee-42.4Norwegian Krone-44.8Ukraine Hryvnia-27.3Hungarian Forint-14.4
Iceland Krona-48.2South African Rand-50.9Chilean Peso-28.1Brazil Real-14.6
South African Rand-56.0Russian Ruble-59.2Hungarian Forint-28.1South African Rand-14 8
Russian Ruble-58.0Brazil Real-62.3Iceland Krona-29.6Japanese Yen-20.7
Nigeria Naira-70.5Pakistani Rupee-62.4South African Rand-35.7Nigeria Naira-20.8
Sri Lankan Rupee-73.2Sri Lankan Rupee-64.7Brazil Real-38.1Ukraine Hryvnia-33.4
Pakistani Rupee-77.8Nigeria Naira-65.7Egyptian Pound-42.2Pakistani Rupee-41.0
Egyptian Pound-81.7Egyptian Pound-78.0Sri Lankan Rupee-57.1Egyptian Pound-48 9
Ukraine Hryvnia-85.6Ukraine Hryvnia-78.0Pakistani Rupee-57.7Sri Lankan Rupee-49.7
Turkish Lira-91.5Turkish Lira-90.5Turkish Lira-79.9Turkish Lira-66.9
Argentine Peso-98.4Argentine Peso-97.4Argentine Peso-89.7Argentine Peso-68.3
Security Last 20 Years (%) Security Last 10 Years (%) Security Last 5 Years (%) Security Last 3 Years (%)
Gold 422.1 Gold 15.7 Gold 38.6 Gold 15.2
Swiss Franc 43.5 Israeli Shekel 1.7 Mexican Peso 2.9 Mexican Peso 7.2
Czech Koruna 32.6 UAE Dirham 0.0 Swiss Franc 0.2 Czech Koruna 3.9
Israeli Shekel 31.9 Saudi Riyal 0.0 UAE Dirham 0.0 Australian Dollar 3.5
Singapore Dollar 28.8 Qatari Riyal -0.6 Saudi Riyal 0.0 Singapore Dollar 3.3
Thai Baht 21.4 Swiss Franc -0.6 Hong Kong Dollar -0.3 Swiss Franc 2.5
Australian Dollar 10.6 Hong Kong Dollar -1.2 Qatari Riyal -0.3 China Yuan 0.3
New Zealand Dollar 10.5 Singapore Dollar -8.2 Singapore Dollar -1.8 Qatari Riyal 0.1
Canadian Dollar 8.8 China Yuan -10.5 Vietnam Dong -4.4 UAE Dirham 0.0
UAE Dirham 0.0 Czech Koruna -11.5 Israeli Shekel -4.8 Saudi Riyal 0.0
Saudi Riyal -0.1 Vietnam Dong -12.0 Philippines Peso -5.9 Hong Kong Dollar -0.7
Croatian Kuna -0.2 Iceland Krona -12.9 Canadian Dollar -6.0 New Zealand Dollar -1.1
Qatari Riyal -0.5 Thai Baht -15.4 Czech Koruna -6.2 Chilean Peso -1.1
Hong Kong Dollar -0.6 South Korean Won -17.9 China Yuan -9.0 Canadian Dollar -1.8
Philippines Peso -1.2 Croatian Kuna -18.4 Indonesian Rupiah -9.8 Vietnam Dong -2.3
Euro -2.1 Danish Krone -18.8 Thai Baht -10.6 Danish Krone -3.7
Danish Krone -2.3 Euro -19.0 Malaysian Ringgit -12.6 Euro -4.1
China Yuan -3.3 British Pound -20.7 British Pound -12.6 Israeli Shekel -4.7
Chilean Peso -9.4 Canadian Dollar -24.5 Danish Krone -13.2 Croatian Kuna -4.9
South Korean Won -9.8 New Zealand Dollar -25.0 Euro -13.3 Malaysian Ringgit -6.1
Polish Zloty -11.9 Philippines Peso -26.6 Australian Dollar -13.3 Indonesian Rupiah -6.2
Japanese Yen -13.3 Polish Zloty -28.5 New Zealand Dollar -14.2 British Pound -6.2
Malaysian Ringgit -15.3 Mexican Peso -30.2 Croatian Kuna -14.2 Philippines Peso -7.8
Swedish Krona -18.9 Malaysian Ringgit -31.2 South Korean Won -18.0 Swedish Krona -8.2
British Pound -23.5 Japanese Yen -32.1 Swedish Krona -20.8 South Korean Won -9.3
Norwegian Krone -31.1 Indian Rupee -33.9 Indian Rupee -21.0 Norwegian Krone -9.5
Brazil Real -31.9 Australian Dollar -34.1 Japanese Yen -21.7 Thai Baht -10.5
Vietnam Dong -35.1 Indonesian Rupiah -36.7 Nigeria Naira -22.1 Russian Ruble -10.9
Hungarian Forint -37.2 Hungarian Forint -36.9 Polish Zloty -23.0 Polish Zloty -11.7
Mexican Peso -39.8 Swedish Krona -38.2 Norwegian Krone -23.9 Iceland Krona -12.0
Indonesian Rupiah -41.8 Chilean Peso -42.8 Russian Ruble -25.0 Indian Rupee -12.3
Indian Rupee -42.4 Norwegian Krone -44.8 Ukraine Hryvnia -27.3 Hungarian Forint -14.4
Iceland Krona -48.2 South African Rand -50.9 Chilean Peso -28.1 Brazil Real -14.6
South African Rand -56.0 Russian Ruble -59.2 Hungarian Forint -28.1 South African Rand -14 8
Russian Ruble -58.0 Brazil Real -62.3 Iceland Krona -29.6 Japanese Yen -20.7
Nigeria Naira -70.5 Pakistani Rupee -62.4 South African Rand -35.7 Nigeria Naira -20.8
Sri Lankan Rupee -73.2 Sri Lankan Rupee -64.7 Brazil Real -38.1 Ukraine Hryvnia -33.4
Pakistani Rupee -77.8 Nigeria Naira -65.7 Egyptian Pound -42.2 Pakistani Rupee -41.0
Egyptian Pound -81.7 Egyptian Pound -78.0 Sri Lankan Rupee -57.1 Egyptian Pound -48 9
Ukraine Hryvnia -85.6 Ukraine Hryvnia -78.0 Pakistani Rupee -57.7 Sri Lankan Rupee -49.7
Turkish Lira -91.5 Turkish Lira -90.5 Turkish Lira -79.9 Turkish Lira -66.9
Argentine Peso -98.4 Argentine Peso -97.4 Argentine Peso -89.7 Argentine Peso -68.3