IPM Ltd is excited to announce the launch of the innovative IPMB ecosystem on Monday, 30th October 2023. 

This ecosystem operates on a dual-token model involving GeM NFTs and IPMB Tokens, each with distinctive staking rewards. Here’s a detailed explanation of the rewarding staking opportunities available in our ecosystem.

Explaining IPMB Token Rewards 

IPMB Tokens are not only the bedrock of transactions within our ecosystem but also a vibrant vessel of value, each token is linked to the tangible wealth of gold. Investing in IPMB Tokens opens avenues to strategic rewards, marked by flexibility and calculated benefit.

The discount on physical gold is rewarded through a process known in the crypto world as staking.

It’s like investing your crypto to support a network’s operations. Similar to receiving interest on a fixed/limited access savings account.

The longer you ‘stake’ your IPMB tokens, the bigger the discount you get on GeMs.

Stake for 3 months: Receive a 2% discount on GeM NFTs.

Stake for 6 months: Benefit from a 5% discount on GeM NFTs.

Stake for 12 months: Unlock a substantial 12% discount on GeM NFTs.

Selling Flexibility: Investors can choose to sell their IPMB Tokens at any time, providing flexibility. However, selling early means giving up the future rewards that would accumulate from holding onto the tokens.

Maximized Staking Benefits: The reward system is optimized to offer a maximum benefit cap of 12%. Beyond this pinnacle, additional staking doesn’t yield extra rewards.

Staking 50 IPMB Tokens for a 12-month period, for example, culminates in eligibility to convert your IPMB Tokens into a GeM56 NFT, symbolizing an enhanced ownership of 56 grams of securely vaulted gold.

Explaining GeM NFT Rewards

GeM NFTs stand as digital sentinels of direct gold ownership, providing investors with annual rewards that supplement their holdings without affecting the integrity of the initial investment.

Independent Rewards System: The GeM NFTs operate on an independent rewards trajectory, unlinked from the IPMB Tokens. Holding a GeM ensures continued ownership, augmented annually by additional rewards. Each GeM is backed by allocated gold which can be redeemed if investors wish to do so.

Annual Rewards: GeM NFTs rewards amount to 7-12% annually, depending on the activities of the ecosystem and economic conditions.

Reward Retention: When rewarded, the intrinsic value of the GeM remains intact and continues to track gold, embellished by the addition of annual rewards. Rewards on your holdings of GeM are paid either in physical gold or in IPMB utility tokens.

Consider the potential of holding a GeM100 NFT with an annual yield of 9%. This would manifest the reward of 9 additional grams of physical gold or its equivalent in IPMB Tokens, bolstering your investment without diluting the original asset. Your asset will keep earning rewards year after year.


Navigating through the IPMB ecosystem unveils pathways lined with diverse and strategic rewards. IPMB Tokens and GeM NFTs operate on independent yet complementary reward mechanisms. It is precisely engineered to meet diverse investor needs, ambitions, and strategic preferences, bolstering investments with a combination of flexibility, continuity, and maximized benefits. Delve deeper and explore the vibrant landscapes of our investment ecosystem on our website and enrich your perspective through our engaging social media platforms.

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